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Who we are

We are a group of students who joined Royal Junior School (RJS) in 1962 and entered the revered portals of Royal College in 1970. Hence we call ourselves the Group of 70. Some of us joined the group subsequently...from other schools.

The group consists of colleagues who have done a myriad of jobs ranging from being businessmen, entrepreneurs, soldiers and sailors (strangely no airmen!), IT professionals, Interior decor specialists, Engineers, Accountants, Doctors and musicians to name a few.

The group meet minimum twice every year to socialize with our colleagues and their families. The main event is held before the Royal-Thomian big match where we hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the group. A synopsis of various CSR projects carried out during the year is presented with audited accounts followed by the nomination of the executive committee and end up with the fellowship. A separate family get-to-gather is held in addition to the above event every year.

We carry out a multitude of CSR projects based on an annual event calendar determined by the executive committee where some of the projects/events have now become a regular feature annually.

The Executive Committee meets up monthly and conducts its proceedings akin to a professional body with Minutes written down succinctly which are followed up with due diligence at consecutive meetings until completion. It?s the cohesiveness of the Committee that binds us together and that remains th

We celebrated "50 Years of Royalty" - a 50 years of affiliation to Royal in 2012 with the participation of our families.

We are the RC Group of 70.


Our Past Presidents

M.M. Russeldeen

Manil Mendis

Lucky Obeysinghe

Rohan Jayasinghe

Asanga Nanayakkara

Kapila Dharmarathna

Athula Munasinghe

Senarath Mahamithawa

Eardly Baptist

Lalith Unambuwa

Jehan Rajapaksha

Mahen Perera

Regno Almeida

Renuka Wijesiriwardena