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Refurbishment of SGM Office/Counselling Centre- July 2017

Estimated Value: LKR750,000
Funded by: From the Endowment A/C of Group of 70 held in RCU Trust + contributions from a few Group members.
Date of Commencement: July 2017
Expected Date of Completion: 01st week of November 2017


It was long since the Group of 70 gifted a bus to Royal College and thus felt the need to carry out a project beneficial to our Alma Mater. In came the proposal from the incumbent RCU Secretary Mr.Athula Munasinghe, incidentally a Past President of RC Group of 70, to renovate /refurnish the SGM Office/Counselling Centre. The internal walls ravaged by water seepage resulting in fungus growth besides posing an awful sight, had taken its toll on the window frames too. Hence the urgency to refurbish became all the more necessary. With the concurrence of the Ex-Co of the Group of 70, a head mason with a small crew of assistants were commissioned to carry out the rectification works under the guidance of Architect Nalin. Besides the exposed electrical cables that cluttered the wall were properly harnessed and embedded in the wall for neater appearance. The rectified walls including the joinery were painted for a sparkling clean look complemented by a set of new furniture and wall mounted light fittings with new fans for comfort.